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Bug Manager (Custom App)

Effective Tracking of Bugs Leads to Their Successful Resolution

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Zoho Workplace provides small businesses with an affordable and effective solution for communication and collaboration, improving their productivity and competitiveness.

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Bug Manager Overview

Eliminating Errors

Even the best written code is not immune to bugs. Left undetected, these bugs can cause significant problems and even lead to the failure of the entire program. The Bug Tracker app helps testers identify and resolve bugs by providing instant notifications and detailed reports. With this app, testers can submit bugs as soon as they are detected, track their progress and eventually eliminate them.


Collaboration is key. Increase efficiency by inviting additional testers to access the app and work together to submit and track bugs.

Speed Up the Process of Resolving Bugs

Allow team members to assign bugs to themselves or others to facilitate faster bug resolution by distributing them among the team.

Receive Immediate Alerts

Stay informed about bug entries and fixes with automatic email notifications sent to your team in real-time.

Establish Goals

Enhance tracking by setting milestones. By focusing on one milestone at a time, bugs can be eliminated thoroughly before moving on to the next one. This approach ensures that no bug goes unnoticed and leads to the production of high-quality products.

Record Bugs in the Document

Avoid repeat bugs by recording the process used to identify them. Developers can use this information to understand where they went wrong and create builds that are free of bugs.

Stay Informed in Real-Time

Stay up-to-date on bug status by using detailed dashboards that show open issues, bug fixes, and builds that are under review. Continuously evaluate product quality by reviewing monthly and milestone-based reports on the number of bugs submitted.

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Project Outline

The Zoho Creator application requires configuration and customization to match you and your company’s needs. Here is a quick outline of the steps required in the implementation of this application.

1. Requirements Gathering

  • Gather and document your specific requirements, including your business processes, workflows, and any specific functionality you require.

2. System Configuration

  • This will involve setting up all aspects of the application, user accounts, configuring integrations with other systems, and configuring security settings.

  • The information gathered during the Requirements Gathering will be beneficial here.

3. Custom Changes

  • Using the previous steps for guidance, this includes adding custom fields and values, user interface optimization, and testing the application.

  • Once the initial application changes and/or updates are completed, you can request any further changes you want to see in the final product.

4. Implementation

  • This includes installing and configuring the cloud-based software, testing the login process on different devices and reviewing the training material with your staff on how to use the application.

5. Support and Maintenance

  • This may include troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise, providing updates and upgrades, and ensuring the application is running smoothly.

6. Review and Feedback

  • The last step is to review the solution with you and your team and gather feedback to identify areas that may need to be improved.

"Proper planning and implementation of a software application is the foundation for its success."

Scope Of Work

The software apps are cloud-based and run on current web browsers or the iOS /Android app on your smart phone or tablet. It requires only an internet connection. There no local installations or further IT costs for hardware, software or personnel.

1. Setup and Configuration

  • We will get the application setup and ready to go.

  • It can be used live at this point.

  • It is more like a wireframe, before configuration and customization, which comes next in the Planning phase.

2. Planning and Data Collection

  • We will discuss the initial setup, the configuration and customization needed for your business, and the training prescribed.

  • This, along with data collection, is initiated using an online form for you or your team to fill in, along with online meeting discussions.

3. Customization and Testing

  • We will implement the configuration and customizations required based on the planning meetings.

  • Testing.

4. Training

  • We will provide online remote training with you and/or your staff.

  • We also provide training manuals.

5. Documentation

  • We will document the entire project, including planning, work and training, and it will always be available in our Customer Portal, which you can log into any time.

  • Our Customer Portal contains all of the products, services and projects you have purchased from Business Growth Success.

6. Hours Budget

  • We need to control the scope of the project or it can go into many different tangents lasting many hours not covered in the pricing.

  • The hours budget for all of the customization and testing, training, and documentation sections is 8 hours.

  • If further hours are desired outside of the scope of the project, they will be billed in addition to the purchase price at our hourly rate. See the Pricing section.

7. Timing

  • Timing will be discussed during the project planning, but generally the project can be finished within one or two weeks, depending on the amount of customization required and scheduling availability.

8. Location

  • All work is done remotely and meetings are accomplished virtually using software provided by Business Growth Success.

9. Support, Maintenance and Updates

  • Once the project is completed, we will take care of regular updates and maintenance, as well as support for issues on our end.

  • After completion, new support, additions and modifications for your team is billed at our regular hourly rate of $125 USD per hour.


[A] Software: pricing is based on the pricing table from Zoho Corporation (see examples below).

[B] Project Services: pricing includes setup, configuration, planning, data collection, customization, testing, training, documentation, support, maintenance and updates in accordance with the Scope of Work section above..

[C] Additional Services: if further hours are desired outside of the scope of the project, they will be billed in addition to the purchase price at our hourly rate of $125 USD per hour. To keep the price low, we work remotely and automate a lot of the entire process. We will always have discussions and training via online meetings.

[D] Project Services Price: $1,850 USD

[E] Terms: before initiating the project, we require an initial 50% deposit on services of $925 USD, the balance is due on completion.

Bug Manager


To Be Purchased

Directly From Zoho

$ Monthly


$ Annually

  • We can discuss Zoho Software purchasing once you are on board after purchasing the 50% deposit on project services (see pricing to the right).

  • To see Zoho software pricing from the Zoho website, click here: Zoho Creator Pricing

  • To see the Plan Comparison, click here: Zoho Creator Plan Comparison

Bug Manager

BGS Services

Implementation Services

Are Purchased Here

50% Deposit

$925 USD

  • Bug Manager Implementation full project cost is $1,850 USD, so 50% deposit on services is $925 USD.

  • Project includes setup, configuration, planning, data collection, customization, testing, training, documentation, support, maintenance and updates.

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