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Custom Business Applications

Unique and distinctive apps designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of you, your staff and your business. To develop them, we love using Zoho Creator, a low-code platform that allows us to quickly develop custom business applications without the need for extensive coding. These are the advantages of using Zoho Creator’s low-code solution to develop custom applications for your business:


Faster Development

With Zoho Creator’s low-code platform, custom application development can be done 10X faster as it reduces the need for extensive coding, allowing us to focus on the design and functionality of your application.


Cost Effective

Low-code development can be much more cost-effective than traditional development methods, as it requires less development time and fewer resources.


Any Device

The applications are made for any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. They can be viewed using the Creator App which can be found in the App Store for iOS devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.


Intuitive Interface

Zoho Creator applications offer an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for users to learn your applications without the need for much help.



Zoho Creator’s platform allows for easy scalability, as the application can be easily modified and updated to meet the changing needs of your business.



Zoho Creator’s platform allows for easy integration with other Zoho and third-party apps, which facilitates the exchange of data, and the automation of workflows.


Support and Maintenance

We offer a dedicated support team to help with the development, deployment, and maintenance of the applications. We are here for the long run.



Zoho Creator’s platform provides robust security features to protect the data and applications, ensuring the data is safe and the applications are compliant with industry standards.

What Can Be Done With A Custom App?

Powered by Zoho Creator’s accredited low-code platform, the customizations are limitless! Here are a few of the ways:

  • Form and field customization: customize the appearance of forms and fields by changing the layout, labels, colors, fonts, theme and other visual elements. Add, modify or delete forms and fields as needed.

  • Drop-down fields: add, modify or delete choices in your drop-down fields. They can also include fields from other forms within the app or from external apps.

  • Workflow automation: automate workflows by adding business rules and triggers, such as sending automated emails, updating records based on certain conditions or sending out reports at a specific day and time.

  • Data validation: add data validation rules to ensure that the data entered into your application meets certain criteria, such as being in a specific format or within a certain range.

  • Custom reports and dashboards: create custom reports and dashboards to visualize your data in different ways, such as charts, tables, and graphs.

  • Custom calculations: add custom calculations, such as calculating totals, averages, and other mathematical operations.

  • Integration: integrate your application with other Zoho apps, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Cliq, and third-party apps like Google and Salesforce.

  • Custom code: add custom code to your application if you require specific features or functionality that are not available in the pre-built application.

  • Mobile accessibility: make your application mobile-friendly, so users can access it from their mobile devices.

  • User permissions: restrict or add individual user permissions to apps, forms, fields and reports.

  • Links: provide links to places within the app or to external apps or external URLs.

  • Security: Zoho Creator provides robust security features to protect your data and applications, ensuring that the data is safe and that the applications are compliant with industry standards.

Example Custom Apps

Section: IT and Administration

Appointment Manager

[IT and Administration]

Efficiently Manage Your Time Using This Powerful Appointment Management Software. Say goodbye to tedious manual appointment scheduling. Our appointment planner streamlines the process, making it easy for customers to book online. Provide them with all the necessary information about the service and let them schedule in advance.

Bug Manager

[IT and Administration]

Effective Tracking of Bugs Leads to Their Successful Resolution. Even the best written code is not immune to bugs. Left undetected, these bugs can cause significant problems and even lead to the failure of the entire program. The Bug Tracker app helps testers identify and resolve bugs by providing instant notifications and detailed reports. With this app, testers can submit bugs as soon as they are detected, track their progress and eventually eliminate them.

Conference Room Manager

[IT and Administration]

Improve the Management and Organization of Meeting Room Reservations. Eliminate the need for searching for conference rooms or waiting outside for a meeting to finish. Employees can book conference rooms for team meetings or casual conversations with colleagues directly from a mobile app, saving time and making it more convenient.

Contacts Manager

[IT and Administration]

Maximize the Value of Every Connection Using this User-Friendly Contact Management Tool. Having a large network of contacts is valuable, but managing them can be overwhelming. This contact management software allows you to easily maintain an online database of professional or personal contacts, with fields for all relevant information, eliminating the need for paper notes.

Incident Manager

[IT and Administration]

Monitor Occurrences in Real-time and Guarantee Safety in the Workplace. An incident tracker app helps to create a safe and productive work environment by allowing you to document incidents, categorize them by level of impact and urgency, assign them to relevant teams, monitor their progress, and identify potential issues.

IT Asset Manager

[IT and Administration]

The Essential IT Asset Manager For Any Organization. IT devices are essential for any organization to function properly. This app makes it easy to track and manage all of your assets, from hardware to software, desktop to mobile. With this app, keeping tabs on every IT asset your organization owns is easy and efficient, so you can focus on running your business.

Project Manager

[IT and Administration]

Streamline the Process of Planning, Coordination, and Execution. Managing a business project? Look no further, the Project Tracker is an all-in-one solution that provides complete transparency on expenses, tasks, timesheets, and more from a single platform. This tool ensures that every undertaking is completed on schedule, every time.

Seat Booking Manager

[IT and Administration]

Allow Your Customers to Take a Seat. This application provides a convenient and easy way to allocate seats, whether you are managing a travel agency, a movie theater, or planning a corporate event.

Tasks Manager

[IT and Administration]

A Tool for Improving Task Organization and Efficiency. Simplify team and project management with this user-friendly app that allows for seamless collaboration, task organization, and timely project completion.

Time Manager

[IT and Administration]

Evaluate your Efficiency Effectively. Effective time management is crucial for any organization. This application allows you to keep an eye on your team’s daily tasks and upcoming projects, stay organized and stay on track.

Visitor Manager

[IT and Administration]

Implement a Digital Solution for Managing Front Office Visitors Using an Online Visitor Management System. Improve guest experience by offering digital support throughout their visit. Collect guest information, create ID cards, notify staff, and schedule meetings all using the same mobile- and web-compatible app.

Workplace Safety Manager

[IT and Administration]

Promote Compliance with OHS Regulations Using Workplace Safety Management Software. Effective management of occupational health and safety (OHS) is crucial for any organization to provide a safe and productive workplace for its employees. This online safety management software allows you to efficiently monitor, manage and enforce OHS standards, including communication of policies, monitoring of workplace cleanliness and hygiene, enforcing safety standards, redesigning workspaces during emergencies, and more, whether you are a big or small business.

Workplace Transition Manager

[IT and Administration]

Ensure the Long-term Adaptability of Your Workplace With Workplace Transition Manager. With the ongoing changes in the world, the workplace is also adapting. Digital transformation is essential for companies to succeed and stay competitive. Workplace Transition Manager can help you seamlessly transition to the new normal in your workplace.

Section: Sales & Marketing

Content Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

A Software for Providing Context to Your Content Through Online Proofreading. Introducing an online proofing tool to simplify your workload. Streamline the review process, enhance collaboration and feedback, set up notifications and alerts, and more, to consistently produce high-quality content on schedule. Additionally, this proofing software is fully customizable.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

[Sales and Marketing]

Interact Closely With Your Clients to Increase Sales. CRM offers a customizable CRM solution that fits seamlessly with your business needs. It provides an all-around CRM that can be used on the web and mobile. It allows you to track lead statuses in real-time, log customer calls, plan campaigns, and more with maximum efficiency and minimal effort to keep your customers and sales representatives satisfied.

Email Campaign Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

Complete Web-based E-mail Marketing Solution. Our online email marketing software allows you to connect with your customers by automating your email marketing efforts, with the ability to customize, plan, send, and track campaigns all from one platform. This software eliminates the typical issues associated with traditional email providers, making your campaigns secure, dependable and efficient. Additionally, this email marketing tool is fully customizable.

Franchise Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

Improve the Efficiency of Your Franchise Network. Managing a successful franchise is a challenging task. This application can help by allowing you to keep track of store information, automate purchases, and manage orders across the entire chain, even if you have a large network of locations.

Lead Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

Improved Management of the Leads and Sales Pipeline Process. Having an efficient sales pipeline is crucial for any business that sells products or services. This app streamlines the pipeline process and increases the likelihood of converting leads. It also provides an all-in-one location for data, allowing more time to be spent on engaging with leads rather than managing the data associated with them.

Point of Sale Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

POS Software for Managing Your Retail Sales Transactions. The point of sale app is an essential tool for managing one or multiple stores more efficiently. Features like built-in reports, instant invoicing and efficient refund processing eliminate the need for cash registers, stock lists, and ledger accounts.

Product Catalog Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

Create An Alluring Digital Product Portfolio Using the Online Catalog Builder Tool. Carrying multiple catalogs for each conference or trade show can be exhausting for experienced salespeople. This catalog software simplifies the process by allowing you to centralize product information, pricing, and customer databases, and providing informative content to assist customers in their purchasing decisions.

Quotation Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

Properly Manage and Process Your Quote Requests. Streamline the process of generating quotes and improve customer service. Utilize this application to handle quotes for the products and services you offer. Handle quote requests, process them and directly send them to your clients.

Sales Manager

[Sales and Marketing]

Effective Software For Managing And Monitoring Sales. Efficiently manage sales with an all-in-one sales management software designed to enhance your sales efforts. This vital sales application offers modules to simplify lead tracking, account management, inventory management, customer relationship management and more. With all your business data in one central location, you can concentrate on addressing practical issues while the software handles the complex tasks for you.

Section: Operations

Approval Manager


The Quickest Method for Implementing New Ideas, Processes and Proposals. The Approval Management app allows employees to present their ideas to their superiors for review, enabling quick implementation of even the most innovative concepts. Without this platform, even the most brilliant ideas may not be acted upon.

Distributor Manager


Automating Your Distribution Network for Optimal Efficiency. This distributor management system is designed to manage effectively and monitor your distribution network, providing dedicated modules for warehouse management, inventory handling, purchasing, sales, customer relationship management, and bookkeeping to ensure a steady flow of goods throughout your value chain.

Facilities Manager


A Comprehensive Solution for Managing All Your Facilities’ Needs. Our facility management software allows you to become a reliable provider for various industries by optimizing asset utilization, delivering high-quality maintenance, automating work order generation and allocation, and more, all while keeping overhead costs low and maintaining high levels of client security. Additionally, it is fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

Fleet Manager


Maximize Fleet Utilization and Profitability With Powerful Fleet Management Software. This app is essential for businesses that manage vehicles and drivers. It provides a comprehensive range of features for fleet management including servicing, fueling, and expense tracking, allowing you to automate routine tasks and focus on running your transportation business.

Inventory Manager


Improve Inventory Tracking and Control Using the Inventory Manager. Keep precise control over all elements of your stock with the use of a compact inventory app. With workflow automation and end-to-end order fulfillment features to optimize operations, you will no longer need to manually check inventory on a clipboard.

Logistics Manager


Your Complete End-to-End Logistics Solution. Transporting goods from one location to another is not a simple task, but this app can help make it easier. Manage your shipments, vehicles, and drivers effortlessly. Additionally, with automated email/SMS notifications and full mobile support, you can ensure smooth logistical operations.

Order Manager


Optimize Your Orders and Sales Process. Ease your inbound and outbound supply chain operations with a comprehensive ERP solution. This order management suite includes advanced workflow automation, cross-channel integrations, and end-to-end order fulfillment to help save time and increase productivity throughout your value chain.

Property Maintenance Manager


Easily and Comprehensively Manage and Track All Aspects of Your Building Maintenance. This maintenance tracker helps you keep residential and commercial buildings in top condition. Advertise your services, handle maintenance requests, manage employees, and deliver efficient services across departments with this comprehensive building and property maintenance software.

Vendor Manager


Manage Relationships and Agreements Using This Effective Vendor and Contract Management App. The vendor management software is designed to make managing vendor relationships easy, regardless of industry or vertical. Effortlessly track service providers and their contracts, and the responsibilities assigned to each vendor. Managing service level agreements is made simple with this application.

Section: Human Resources

Employee Emergency Manager

[Human Resources]

Check-In System Provides Real-Time Monitoring During Employee Emergency Situations. This app assists safety teams in promptly communicating with staff, hastening response times, and effectively managing crises, regardless of the situation. It recognizes that risk is an inevitable aspect of life and emergencies can occur unexpectedly.

Employee Manager

[Human Resources]

Provide Support and Resources to Help Your Employees Achieve Their Objectives. The success of an organization relies on the performance of its employees. The more efficient they are, the better the organization performs. The Employee Management app by Zoho Creator is designed to increase efficiency by providing features that simplify and streamline the everyday tasks of employees.

Employee Onboarding

[Human Resources]

Simplify the Process of Welcoming New Employees and With A More Efficient Integration Process. The employee onboarding experience can be enhanced by using a digital process that streamlines communication with new hires, assists in getting them settled into their new role quickly, and is fully customizable. This onboarding software makes the process of starting a new job more exciting.

Human Resource Manager

[Human Resources]

Manage and Coordinate People and Resources With This Effective Human Resource Management Solution. Simplify HR management by using a single app to handle tasks such as recruiting, assigning tasks, and evaluating performance. This app streamlines the multiple processes involved in human resources, making them quicker and more efficient.

Leave Manager

[Human Resources]

Monitor Employee Attendance, Absences and Leave Requests. Stop using spreadsheets to manage your team’s leave information and use a digital application to process leave requests, view monthly employee records, and more. This application can be used as a standalone or integrated with human resources management system.

Recruitment Manager

[Human Resources]

A Comprehensive System for Managing the Entire Process of Recruiting and Hiring Employees. This recruitment app streamlines the process of hiring new talent from universities by providing access to key recruitment statistics and simplifying communication during busy job fairs. It allows for efficient engagement with potential employees and keeps them informed throughout the hiring process, making recruitment drives hassle-free.

Section: Finance

Corporate Travel Manager


Simplify the Process of Organizing and Coordinating Business-Related Travel for Employees. Managing your team’s travel itinerary can be challenging without the right tool. This business travel app offers a variety of features, including booking flights, managing passport information, and keeping track of daily expenses, to make organizing employee travel more efficient.

Expense Manager


Automate, Track and Manage Expenses, Without Paper Forms and Documents. Eliminate the need for paper forms and the risk of losing receipts. Encourage employees to use an expense tracker to streamline the approval process and make it easier for the finance team to reimburse them.

Financial Manager


Automate Accounting Tasks and Store Financial Information Effortlessly. This business finance management app provides an efficient solution to manage your finances, which is essential for smooth business operations. It allows you to easily track cash flows, income from sales and services, overhead, expenses, and more, all in one central location.

Loan Manager


The Loan Manager Makes Managing Borrowing and Lending a Much Simpler Process. Easily manage lending and borrowing with this app, suitable for libraries, car dealerships, and more. Connect borrowers and lenders, display products, create wish lists and streamline the process of lending and borrowing.

Personal Finance Manager


The Ideal Tool for Managing Your Financial Records. Simplify financial management by keeping all records and operations in one digital platform. Easily track accounts, compute income and taxes, make predictions for future finances, and more. Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets.

Section: Customer Service

Call Log Manager

[Customer Service]

Effectively Track Sales Calls in a Professional Manner. Stop using cumbersome spreadsheet to log customer calls and switch to our online call management software. This software can automatically populate data and save sales representatives time on manual logging and monitoring their calls, allowing them to use the sales call data to strengthen customer relationships.

Customer Service Manager

[Customer Service]

A Centralized Customer Service Application That Tracks and Resolves All Customer Inquiries. Ensure customer satisfaction by promptly addressing their support inquiries using this all-in-one customer support app. Centralize customer information for easy access by your team, customize reports, gain valuable metrics, and streamline communication for efficient service delivery.

Support Desk Manager

[Customer Service]

Keep Your Customers Happy With Quick Resolution of Help Desk Tickets. Improve customer service and satisfaction with our comprehensive tech support system. Equipped with all the necessary tools, it will help your support team respond quickly to inquiries. This includes automated ticket assignment, multi-channel assistance, and web-to-case capabilities, all in one application.

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