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Stop Using One-off Marketing Tactics With the Latest Shiny Objects!

Want to Simplify Your Sales Process? Use the Business Growth System To Capture, Nurture, and Turn More Leads Into Clients.

We have the system you need without having to "duct-tape" multiple tools together!

This solves your growth issues and saves you money by eliminating unnecessary software.

  • Capture leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!

  • Full marketing and sales automation system. Included in the system is a full featured Sales Funnel Builder to capture leads and guide them through your sales process.

  • Our intuitive system allows you to create full featured websites with custom menus and, importantly, calls to action.

  • Create high-performing and captivating landing or sales pages all in one place!

  • Automatically message leads via emails, SMS (text) messages, FB Messenger, Instagram DM, GBP chat, WhatsApp, voicemail, calls, & more! Use whatever method they prefer.

  • Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule online appointments, employ group calendars, and track analytics!

Don't Want to Do It All Yourself? We Can Help!

5 Steps to a Powerful AUTOMATED SALES SYSTEM

Easily Grow Your Professional Services Business and Use Workflows, Automation and AI To Reduce Time, Effort and Money

How to Simplify, Integrate & Automate Your Business!

Here is How The Business Growth System Can Help


Get Traffic & Attention. Use Lead Magnets / Low Ticket Offers to Capture New Leads.

  • Use traffic sources such as online and offline ads, content marketing, email, social media, SEO, webinars, events, phone, tradeshows, public relations, referrals, joint ventures, affiliates, direct mail, etc.

  • Offer a compelling lead magnet or low ticket offer.

  • Use the Funnel Builder in the Business Growth System to design an impressive opt-in web page.

  • (Optional) Use the Survey Builder in the Business Growth System to qualify the lead. Can use BANT (Budget/Authority/Need/Timeframe) to help.

  • (Optional) Score the leads as Hot, Warm, and Cold.

  • Leads are automatically saved in the Business Growth System CRM.

  • Create an Opportunity and set your Sales Pipeline stages. This can be automated in the Business Growth System.

  • Always review your Sales Pipelines for unclosed leads so that leads do not slip through the cracks.

  • Review your analytics to determine your best prospecting methods.


Take Care of Your Leads Through Your Sales Pipeline. Convert Them Into Clients.

  • Research and preparation will help you deliver more customized messages to your leads.

  • You can use AI within the Business Growth System anywhere to help you with content, but ensure you customize it to make it sound like you.

  • Use the Business Growth System to prepare multi-touch marketing, such as email and SMS campaigns, social media and Google Business Profile posts and chats / DMs, chat conversations, phone calls, voicemail drops, direct mail, visits, etc. Much of this can be automated.

  • Use the Business Growth System to create a sales funnel with a great landing page and CTA (Call To Action) to have your lead book an automated appointment with your sales personnel.

  • Once the appointment is booked, pitch and handle objections, deliver your proposal, close, and fulfill.

  • Your sales pipeline can be automatically or manually updated, so you are always in the loop of the pipeline stage each lead is in at all times.


Have a Professional Website and Social Media Presence. Turn Clients Into Positive Reviews.

  • Use the Business Growth System to prepare your firm with a modern, attractive, and professional website.

  • Use the Business Growth System to have CTAs (Calls To Action) on your website. Examples include lead magnet and low ticket sign-up forms, newsletter sign-up, a web chat widget, book an automated appointment, link to support, join your membership or community, purchase your courses, goods and services. All of this can be done and offered using the Business Growth System.

  • IMPORTANT: Get reviews on the large review sites like Google and Facebook. Respond to ALL reviews and dispute reviews that have issues. The Business Growth System makes it very easy to get reviews from your clients and allows you to respond, dispute and track your review process.

  • Reviews will come into your Conversations Module so you will always be aware when reviews happen and you can respond from there, making it very easy and convenient. Be in control of your Reputation Management


Sell, Cross-sell & Down-sell to Your Existing Clients. Reactivate Inactive Clients.

  • Have products and services available to be easily sold alone and/or as an additional part of an existing sale.

  • "Productize" your services, which gives your service a specific scope and price point, which can be sold easily and automatically online. These can be sold quickly without requiring a meeting or proposal.

  • You can use the Business Growth System to create web pages, sales funnels and payment processing to fully take care of selling anything online or through email campaigns.

  • Use the Business Growth System to create email and SMS campaigns to introduce discounts, promotions, updates, upgrades and new items or services.


Prioritize Onboarding, Client Service, Follow-Up & Support

  • Have established and effective onboarding processes, keeping your client's needs in mind and making it as simple as possible to get them up and running.

  • Your team should be easy to contact and in many different methods. Use the Business Growth System to help, by providing an easy way to contact support on your website, with a web chat widget, an SMS-enabled phone number, connection to social media and Google Business Profile.

  • You can use the Business Growth System to provide FAQs and Chat support using AI. The AI can be easily trained on your procedures and processes. taking some of the support time away from your team. Use AI support to answer questions faster, answer them when automatically before and after work hours and to save time and money.

  • Look at the Work Management System we also provide for in-depth processes, SOPs and procedures.

  • Continuously stay in touch with your clients by using newsletters, drip email sequences, etc. that you can create and run using the Business Growth System. Always be the FRSP, the First Response Solution Provider, i.e. the first person they always contact when they run into issues your firm can solve.

We Can Help!

Capture Leads From Your Website, Social Media, Google, and more!

Text messaging is the #1 preferred method of conversation today, so why make your customers call you? Unlock the power of Text Messaging, Facebook Messaging, Instagram DM, and Google Business Chat - all in one place!

  • Generate FREE Leads From Existing Traffic

  • Unlock More Prospect Channels

Generate Sales With The Push Of A Button

Turn your database of leads & customers into new sales via email and text-message campaigns whenever you want!

  • Turn First-Time Customers Into Repeat Buyers

  • Drag-And-Drop Email Builder

Effortlessly Scale Your Online Reputation

Send review requests with a simple click. Reply to Google & FB reviews in the same place you reply to everything else. Managing your reviews and, most importantly, protecting your brand’s reputation becomes a cinch!

  • Quickly & Easily Send Review Requests

  • Read & Reply To New Reviews From Your Pocket

All The Features You Need In One Place

Say goodbye to expensive duct-taped solutions!

2-Way Text Messaging

Communicate with prospects and customers via text message

Missed-Call Text-Back

Text-messages automatically get sent to any missed call

Mobile App

Manage your business from your pocket with our mobile app

Consolidated Social Chat

Consolidate your social chats into one conversation stream

Text Snippets

Automatic replies to frequently asked questions

Drag-And-Drop Email Builder

Send beautiful newsletters and reactivation campaigns

Facebook & Google Reviews

Generate, read, and reply to Google & Facebook reviews

Smart Webchat Widget

Enable website visitors to easily initiate a text-message conversation


Quickly generate and send invoices via text messages to collect money on the go


Turn your phone into a credit card ready to receive payments on the go

We Help Professional Services Businesses Thrive:

Consulting, accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, financial planning, coaching, insurance, mortgages, investments, law, engineering and more!

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